delirium detection with an objective medical device

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Safe and accurate delirium monitoring in routine hospital care

Delirium (acute brain failure) affects over 3 million hospitalised patients in Europe every year. It is a potentially fatal medical emergency that regularly leads to long-term cognitive impairment (dementia), results in longer hospital admission, and directly contributes to higher healthcare costs. Delirium equals diabetes in societal costs, estimated at 173 billion.
The longer a delirium episode lasts, the more damage is done.

To date, delirium is detected too little and too late, as detection is based on subjective and ineffective methods. It is our challenge to solve the unmet clinical need for accurate and safe delirium detection, and making the solution fit into routine care.

Prolira, a spin-off from the University Medical Center Utrecht (NL), introduces an objective, non-invasive medical device
for early stage delirium detection. 
EEG-based device consists of a single use electrode patch (the DeltaScan Patch) and a hardware/software module (the DeltaScan Monitor), that analyses brain activity, right at the patient's bedside. 

Prolira's innovation is a breakthrough in the field of delirium recognition and treatment. By early detection and more detection, Prolira helps patients, nurses, physicians and hospitals tackle the problem at the source.